Our Captains


Stef van der Velde

AMSTERDAM - “At the age of 29 I started as CFO at Image Trading International - a pioneer wholesaler in promotional items in the 90’s. After several years of working and being promoted to CEO, entrepreneurship began and so, my own company, Giving Europe was set up. From a mere greenfield together with a Dutch partner, our company quickly grew to become to the top 3 in the industry within just a few years. ‍ Because I believe in industry disruption and I am on a quest for finding the 'blue ocean' in all my businesses, I decided 3 years ago to invest and become main investor in various projects such as Image Traders. Also, I am also closely involved in media compania 4matfactory, Easee online (online eye test) and Concord Neonatal (program to reduce premature baby mortality)".


Bert Groenendijk

MALAGA - “After I finished my Bachelor in Marketing & Economics in 1998, I have already started my first job in the marketing department where Stef van der Velde - now, our chairman - hired me. Later I have joined his newfound company Giving Europe as a marketing manager. In 2008 I have started my own company in the same industry, but then on distributor level, including our own imports. The last 20 years I gained extensive experience at all levels within the trading industry (promotion, retail and consumer goods, incentives, merchandising and many more) from the production side ( Asia, Spain, Portugal, Turkey - European region), brand concepts, OEM production, private label, certification, online marketing & sales tools, and supply from stock (wholesale)".


Dale Owen

CAPE TOWN - Started my career in the Promotional Industry in 2010, after completing a Post Graduate in Marketing at University of Cape Town, moved to Johannesburg to manage a Branding Specialist Agency, called Concept Branding.” In 2015, we sold the company and I moved to Kevro Trading Pty ltd, to work in the Sales department focusing on Cross Border trade into Rest of Africa, where I spent 6 years building the Barron brand in new territories across Africa. Travelling extensively into Africa has been a real joy, whilst learning new cultures and understanding unique business practices in Africa. I aim to use this experience of working directly in Africa, with image-Traders to further explore the new and innovative methods of direct distribution to further satisfy the requirements of the Promotional industry in Africa.”


What we do
How we do it



Create brands

We develop and create brands for a busines to consumer proposotion and volume sales in the promotional products industry. We have launced Festibax, Nomad:24 bags and San Carlos lifestyle gifts.


Create concepts

For the promotional industry we set up product trade concepts. At  the moment we have Hugl plush toys and Sandvertising towels.


Private Label 

All our brands, concepts and products can be tailored to your wishes . It does not matter if you are a brand, a company or an influencer on social media. We take care of all your merchandise.

If you want your bespoke or private label bags, care products, plush toys or towels, we can do it. Direct from our factory in your hands.  


Brand Licences

Bring brands from retail to the Promotional Industry, tailored to their needs. 

For Zazu Kids we have the business to business licence for Europe and Africa. Many brands will follow. Also Crowfunding projects are welcome. We guarentuee instant salesvolume in our BTB sales channels.

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    Sailing the blue oceans with our brands

    We <b><u>love</u></b> what we do
    Why choose us

    We love what we do

    We have fire in our bellies. Life is too short to settle for the ordinary, so we commit to doing something singular, something unexpected. Something no one else has done or dared to do. We are passionate about our company and its succces. We are committed to our customers, our teams, our suppliers, to each other and the planet.

    We are open about why, how and what we are and how we do it. We have nothing to hide. We want to take openness and transparency to the next level because we believe in it. We show up as real, vulnerable, transparent human beings who speak from the heart, value others’ contributions, and invest in each other’s growth.

    With love,

    Our DNA

    What we can do for you

    We have the network

    We control the supply chain. Our network is global and diverse. We have extensive relationships and direct access with an ever expansive number of factories, ranging from low market products to high end, from a narrow niche range of products to a high breadth of products. We are able to create immediate sales volume through already built B2B and B2C sales market channels.

    We are ambitious

    We want to go further than we have gone before, we want to change the market, change the narrative. We are different and ambitious in our effort to help our customers achieve what they need. Both our environment and people contribute to this. We are bold, ambitious and credible.

    We value diversity

    We believe in creating a culture of warmth and belonging, where everyone is welcome. Opening our minds and combining our different backgrounds, experiences, world views and expertise make us savvier problem solvers and drive better results.

    We create value

    We create distinctiveness by creativity & branding, spotting the blue oceans in the market. We create a premium BTC proposition via influencers, socials, market places and retail. Increasing sales volume by our global and extensive BTB network of wholesalers and distributors. Corporate value is created by intellectual property and sales of all our brands and concepts.

    We are experienced

    We get things done We have only one rule: use good judgment. We hire incredible people so we don’t have to institute cumbersome rules or processes. We guarantee our partners commitment and loyalty. In total we have over 50 years experience in house. And yet, we are still young.

    We are loyal

    We are open about why, how and what we are and how we do it. We have nothing to hide. We want to take openness and transparency to the next level because we believe in it, and know our customers need and want it. We show up as real, vulnerable, transparent human beings who speak from the heart, value others’ contributions, and invest in each other’s growth.

    Nat Friedman

    Pessimists sounds smart
    Optimists make money

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    We want you to be free to think, create and get things done. So… let;s talk. Online or face to face in one of our remote offices in Amsterdam, Malaga, Hannover or Cape Town.